10/12/2012 WCOE Members and Meetings in the spotlight


Susan VandiviereWelcome to our newest
Virginia member

A very special welcome to Susan Vandiviere, Owner and President of Lynchburg Freight & Specialty in Lynchburg, VA. Susan's company is a flat-bed, heavy-haul domestic transportation service focused on serving the construction industry. She is a certified Virginia woman owned business and one of only a very few trucking companies in the nation that are WBE certified.

Just take a look at her website to see her trucks in action and loaded with a wide variety of heavy construction steel and materials. You can welcome Susan by emailing [email protected] or calling 434.485.8383 x401

Last Chance to Register for Regional Meetings!

MO/KS and FL members – take note! With just a week to go, it is time to take a minute from your busy schedule and register to attend either the regional meeting in Kansas City, MO next Friday, November 2nd or the Ft. Lauderdale, FL meeting on Monday, November 5th.

The Kansas City meeting will feature guest speaker John Jantsch who is THE marketing guru on how to build a solid PR campaign on a miniscule budget – he calls it Duct Tape Marketing – and it's every bit as useful as that roll of silver tape we all keep close at hand. You can register on our website and the cost is only $45. You will also have an opportunity to meet the WCOE Board of Directors who will be convening after the morning meeting for their annual strategic planning retreat. Now is the time for you to let them know what's on your mind and what issues you want WCOE to focus on in 2013. The meeting is from 8:00 am to 10:00 am and will be held in Rosie Privitera Biondo's Mark One offices at 909 Troost Street in KCMO.

The Florida meeting will feature an extraordinary opportunity to meet a professional executive recruiter who focuses on finding executive women for placement on corporate boards of directors. Most publicly held corporations in this country are searching for qualified women to appoint to their well-paid Board of Directors. Learn how to position yourself to be on the radar screen of these major corporations. This meeting is being sponsored by 2 Florida WCOE members: Elisabeth Kozlow with Siefried, Rivera, Lerner DeLaTorre & Sobel in Coral Gables; and Lisa Colon Heron with Smith, Currie & Hancock in Ft. Lauderdale. The meeting will be held in Lisa's fabulous offices at 101 NE 3rd Avenue, Suite 1910 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. There is no charge to attend and you can register on our website.

Kudos go out to WCOE member Mary Lou Jacoby

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mary Lou who is President of Warehouse One in Kansas City, MO, has announced a very special promotion. She has special ordered 34 bright pink pallet jacks and for every one sold, she will donate $100 to “Back in the Swing”, plus every purchase comes complete with a “Back in the Swing Cookbook”, full of 150 feel-good, easy-to-prepare recipes. Back in the Swing is a national non-profit dedicated to improving and protecting women's health after breast cancer. Make a statement and get one of those pink pallet jacks in your back office. You can order one from Mary Lou by calling her at 816.255.22294 or emailing [email protected].


A bad trend line

At a marathon all-day session this week with the Department of Defense on the issue of women owned construction companies getting a piece of the huge DOD procurement pie – the picture wasn't pretty. Although the numbers are big, the percentages are well below tiny. The best year ever was F/Y 2009 where DOD spent a total of $89.6 Billion dollars of which $2.8 Billion was in NAICS 23, a.k.a. Construction. Of that multi-million in construction work, $19 Million was spent with WOSB – a total of 1.3%. Fast forward to 2012 and out of a reduced DOD budget of $83.8 Billion, $1.7 Billion was spent on Construction, and only 0.3% went to women-owned small businesses – a total of $8.5 Million. That is not a pretty trend line especially considering that the much-heralded 8m program to fix the lack of procurement dollars going to WOSBs, was launched nearly 2 years ago yet the trend is still doing down, down, down.


But wait there's more to the story

Maybe all the blame can't be placed on DOD Contracting Officers. It seems that out of 6 million WOSBs that have employees and therefore likely qualified for government work, only 12,000 have registered for the new 8m WOSB program. If you aren't registered, you cannot participate – and registration is simple and free on the SBA website. So, before you kick too many Congressmen complaining about the lack of implementation of the program, take a look in our own backyard. Remember the “Rule of 2”. There must be at least 2 WOSBs who respond to a “Sources Sought” notice before a contracting officer is ABLE to set it aside for a woman-owned small business. We heard several stories from frustrated women who responded to the Sources Sought notice only to learn that no other woman had responded – therefore the project could NOT be set aside for the WOSB program. Get registered – and get your compatriots registered.


Do you have DOL horror stories to share?

A coordinated effort is underway to compile a list of DOL Wage and Hour enforcement stories to help with advocacy efforts. We are starting to hear reports of “horror stories” about DOL investigations from other industries and want to know if they have yet focused on the construction industry. A couple of examples of recently reported incidents are: DOL sending unannounced teams of investigators to businesses with no prior violations; DOL requiring copious amounts of records and documents which are not relevant to the alleged wrong-doing; DOL presenting an employer with settlement terms and then requiring an immediate “yes” or “no” response; DOL refuses to enter into a settlement unless it includes liquidated damages or civil money penalties; DOL refuses to include employer's attorney in discussions. If you have been the victim of any of these – or of other abuses by Department of Labor, please send an email with a brief outline of the situation to [email protected]. We will make sure your identity is kept secret, but if there are abuses going on, we need to be involved in making sure they are stopped.

How Women Lead, a new book by Dr. Sharon Hadary

WCOE friend and 2013 Annual Meeting speaker releases book

Long-time WCOE friend and long-time advocate for enterprising women, Dr. Sharon Hadary's newly released book “How Women Lead: The 8 Essential Strategies Successful Women Know” is a blueprint for success in the business world. Sharon is the founder and former Executive Director of the Center for Women's Business Research, the premier research institute devoted to studying women's entrepreneurship. Not only is this a great book for you to read, but it is a terrific Christmas present for young women in your life who are just starting their careers. You can buy it on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. By the way, Sharon has already agreed to be a speaker at WCOE's April 21-24 Annual Leadership Conference in Washington. DC. Mark your calendars now!


The $4.6 Trillion construction industry to get a makeover

With an announcement that measurement in the construction industry hasn't improved much since the introduction of strings and tape by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, New York City thinks it has what it takes to become the epicenter for the development of advanced construction technologies. According to Sam Stathis of Stathis Enterprises, “economic growth requires industry-wide technological transformation, not just a Band-aid”. Sam feels the development and use of technology can cut costs, save time and reduce risk. While most sectors have improved productivity by more than 200% during the past 40 years, construction productivity has decreased 25% according to Intelligent Jobsites Alliance who state that tens of billions of dollars are wasted by inefficiencies. Bradford Technologies through a strategic alliance with Verizon and Theometrics provides information and training about software and hardware to small businesses in the construction industry, particularly minority and woman-owned businesses. WCOE will keep you informed as this effort progresses!

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