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WCOE's existence and purpose is symbolized in its logo, the Mobius Band. A one-sided surface created by turning one end of an elongated rectangle 180 degrees and affixing it to its other end, the Mobius Band depicts the interdependence and continuum of turning points in the lives of individuals and institutions. For WCOE, it symbolizes the changing direction of women in the construction industry. We have named our newsletter Turning Point as a reminder of our past and our future.

Here are some guidelines for using the WCOE logo:

  • The red/black (or solid red) logos are prefered and should be used whenever possible.
  • When color is not possible, the logo should be black.
  • The logo should always appear against a white or light background.
  • Do not reverse the logo to white or use it on low-contrast backgrounds.
  • Do not edit, distort or embellish the logo.

WCOE Grows Your Contacts, Contracts & Bottom Line

The WCOE tagline should appear in red capital letters in an oblique sans serif font, preferably Avenir Heavy Oblique.

Members of the WCOE Board of Directors may use the following graphic in their email signatures:


WCOE logos for web & print use (zip file)
WCOE Branding Guidelines
WCOE Membership Brochure
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