Discount & Reward Program

Through a strategic alliance partnership with Affinity Center International, WCOE is offering a special rewards program to our members. When you buy anything from a wide variety of vendors, including those you already buy from today, you will earn points – called “Links” – that you can redeem at any time for a variety of different rewards. These are not limited-time rewards, nor are they black-out-date rewards, nor are they things you would never want to buy anyway. These are bona-fide, fun-to-have, valuable rewards that will save you money.

Whether you use the points for your company (like an executive management course at Wharton), for your family (like a Disney Dream Vacation), for you (like a relaxing spa weekend), or a romantic trip to Italy, you chose what you want and when you want to go. That’s all there is to it.

How many merchants are in the program where you can earn Links? There are 12 categories! Under the Construction category alone, there are 84 companies listed – and growing each day. Under Electronics there are already 40 merchants, including Best Buy, Comp USA, and Microsoft.

You already buy from these vendors, why not earn rewards points when you do? It’s easy and it’s free - and it’s available only to WCOE members.

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