Gen Y Women in the Workplace: Focus Group summary report

Baby Boomlets... Mypod Generation... Gen Why? This 80 million-strong generation is creating quite the buzz.1 By 2025, Generation Y (born 1978-1994) will comprise nearly 75 percent of the world’s workforce. From their comfort with technology, to their multicultural perspectives, to their insatiable desire for making a difference, Gen Y is expected to revolutionize the workplace.

Much has already been written about Gen Y. Far less has been written about differ- ent segments of Gen Y. Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation’s Young Careerist (YC) research project provides a framework through which to view the career choices and challenges of Generation Y women.

This primary research gives voice to a distinct group of working women who are vital to developing a diverse and skilled workforce. BPW Foundation seeks to understand what Gen Y women need in order to be successful in the workplace and then translate that knowledge into tools that improve how employers recruit, support and retain young women. Understanding and addressing the needs of Gen Y women is critical for maintaining a competitive edge.


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