Sheila Ohrenberg

Sheila Ohrenberg

Sheila Ohrenberg is the President of Sorella Group, Inc. She is responsible for providing the vision and strategic direction of the company, maintaining and reinforcing the company culture, leading the team, and overseeing decisions regarding the organization’s future growth.

Since starting Sorella Group as President, Ms. Ohrenberg has led her team in ensuring on- time delivery of high quality construction projects. She has done so while working collaboratively with team leaders to build lasting relationships with clients, partners, and the community. Under Ms. Ohrenberg’ s leadership, Sorella Group Inc. has diversified its portfolio of work to include specialty and interior finishes for high-profile projects in the commercial, education, healthcare, military and science and technology sectors.

With her leadership and hands-on management style, Sorella Group Inc. has earned recognitions and awards, including the American Subcontractor 2012 “ Associate Member of the Year”, US Army Corps of Engineers/JE Dunn “ Building Achievement” and Kansas City American Subcontractor 2013 “Subcontractor of the Year.”

Ms. Ohrenberg has also served on many boards and executive committees to support important community and social organizations. These include the Gillis Center Ambassadors, Minority Coalition, Women Construction Owners and Executives and Kansas City American Subcontractors Association.


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