We Still Need You to #Helpusbuildit


On March 1, the National Women's History Museum launched its #helpusbuildit campaign to raise awareness of our mission.

Since its launch, the campaign has generated more than 20.9 million impressions and 3,670 mentions on Twitter. It has also garnered a reach of 325,600 fans on Facebook.

Celebrities and supporters have helped to spread the word, but we still need your help. Check out some of the videos and consider creating your own.

Share this message with your friends and family. Encourage them to tweet or post about our efforts to build the first women's history museum in any nation's capital.

Continue to spread the word!

Create a 20-second video telling your friends why a national women's history museum is important to you and ask them to join us in this great task by donating at least $5, a small ask so even young girls and boys can help. Don't forget to tag three of your friends to share a name who inspires them and deserves a place in this museum.

Can't do a video?

Post a message to your Facebook page, forward this email to all your friends, or tweet a short message.

Remember to tag the Museum in your posts
Facebook & Instagram - womenshistory
Twitter - @womenshistory

Use the hashtag #helpusbuildit in your posts.


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