Women Are Always ““On””: Broadband Survey Results

Prepared by Business and Professional Women’’s Foundation

The Internet has become broadly available and essential for personal interactions, education, training, and economic opportunities, (job searches, marketing, researching, networking, etc.). Today, high speed Internet plays a central role in our lives. The results of an on line Internet survey conducted by Business and Professional Women’’s Foundation1 on the use of high speed technology by women confirms this and also shows that there are differences in high speed Internet access, use, and needs based on age, employment, military status, and geographic location. Not surprisingly, women business owners and self employed women use high speed technology to build their businesses through marketing, but readily admit that they are not always aware of what they should be learning/doing to improve efficiency, advance and maximize their results. On the other hand, women veterans express serious concerns about security of Internet technology and its efficacy in securing other aspects of their lives.

In February 2011, BPW Foundation initiated a survey to research the use of high speed Internet (broadband) technology among four diverse groups of women: those employed by others, those self employed, those retired, and women seeking employment. The purpose was to explore women’’s use of technology in both their business and personal lives, as a measure of advancement and overall impact on quality of life and personal/professional success.


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